Thursday, September 1, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 4)

I seriously considered not writing this entry since I've been very internety the last week which I attribute from internet withdrawal once in Spain, but it can't be that since I didn't really miss it. It must be because while I am home I am just too horrifyingly interested in finding fun things that are just as fun as Spain. Or maybe it's because I have all these things I said I would do online.

One said thing is writing about WYD which is a bigger task than I though since there are some photos I'm still waiting for and because the trip was so freaking packed. But I will have that done at some point.

The second said thing was writing an article for . A bunch of young adult catholic bloggers where invited to contribute stuff. You can find my first entry Advice to Singletons here. Somebody got a little upset about it and I apologize I meant it to be mostly funny and to the point, but compassionate too. Maybe I should stick to art.

This really beautiful movie from Studio Ghibli is coming out soon take a look at the trailer!

Here is a quote from Chesterton for the week:

They knew much better than we do what was the matter with them and what sort of demons at once tempted and tormented them; and they wrote across that great space of history the text; "This sort goeth not out but by prayer and fasting."

-Excerpt from St. Francis of Assisi on the Christians that had lived the culture of the Roman empire and were soon to begin living the Middle Ages. Emphasis by me.

I drew this:
It's January, the wise month that my character Lucia encounters on a winter night.

I just got a bible on my iPod. Best thing to do. I can no longer make the excuse, "but it doesn't fit in my cute purse!" But I do have to strain my eyes a bit. I think I will fall into the the kindle hole soon and just collect beautiful old editions and art books.



  1. I really liked your post on Virtuous It was nicely written and there was some good advice. Don't worry about that person, I guess she's just going through a rough time.
    By the way, I love your drawing of January!

  2. Arrietty is actually out already! And while I was in Japan, Miyazaki's son Goro just released a new film with Ghibli called "Kokuriko-zaka Kara" (From Kokuriko Hill), which is a romantic period piece. :)

    And I LOVE reading your entries about Spain!

  3. Is it out in the states yet? :D Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed the entries! I'll try to get a new one done this weekend.

  4. Beautiful blog.I read your post about the World Youth Day
    I'm sorry for my English, I'm spanish, born in Cordoba,but I live in Barcelona.Greetings

  5. The more art I find of yours the more I want.

    And your "Luci" character is awesome, especially since she has the name of my daughter...

    When I get loads of money one day I am going to commission loads of art from you!