Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dragging And Drawing

Why am I writing at this unholy hour of the night? Marc Barnes from Bad Catholic said he’d link people here and I panicked. I mean what if people actually took his advice and came over here and I didn’t live up to the recommendation? Most people who look at this site are my friends who love me no matter what silly thing I write or draw… Did I mention one of my main faults is caring what others think of me?

As I am thinking this I am reminded of all my faults and most burning temptations. In Marc’s last post “How To Be Good” he wrote about the fact that most of the time when he does something good he really wanted to do the bad thing and that not doing the bad thing wasn’t exactly joy-filled. Well, very often that’s me. I can take some compliments pretty easily like “You draw good” or “I like your dress” but the comment “You are so good” makes me cringe. Most parts of me are not good at all, and what is mostly good is still tainted a myriad of different things. I very rarely can say in full honesty that I did something good out of love of Jesus alone.

At times I have been able to say, “Make me a saint no matter what the cost!” This week I’ve just been saying things like “Let’s just get through today!” I’ve been dragging my feet. I’m in serious need of confession… not unlike most weeks. My spiritual discipline has been waning which infects all other aspects of my life. Word to the wise don't let your prayer time go or get smaller. While people celebrate the 4th of July I’ll be recovering much needed discipline.


Speaking of Discipline this piece I did last week that almost made me plop over my chair when I realized how many flowers I had to draw.

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  1. Your art is i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e

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