Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Blue Project


Every Saturday I get together with a group of young adults called Young Heralds of Pauline Evangelization (yHope) –apparently all the short simple names were taken by the 6th century- to celebrate Jesus and to strengthen each other so we can proclaim the Gospel, particularly through media. We’re going on a day retreat somewhere in Maine to celebrate Advent. Fr. Mike, who helps coordinate this whole thing, asked us for our favorite colors. Why? No one had any idea, but I chose blue. This morning I got an e-mail explaining what my color choice would entail.

The color blue, in this case, represents harmony; order and equilibrium in everything and I’ve been challenged to live out harmony in Christ and his Church this week.

“Whoever receives this color must try to internalize order in all that he/she does: put order in his/her bedroom, study, at work and at meals, as well as order in the personal life, thoughts, attitudes, conscience, way of dressing, cleanliness, etc”

How ironic since last week was so terribly unharmonious for me. I forgot to go to Mass to celebrate the Immaculate Conception on Wednesday, I’ve been putting off finishing a novena, my apartment was rather a mess, I skipped the gym several times, I ran out of clean clothing, I’ve been distracted at work and my mind has been cluttered with anything but God’s incredible love.

I don’t know if Fr. Mike knows I have a soft spot for creative projects involving COLORS and GOD, but The Lord does and it’s very sweet of him to send me this so that getting back on the horse won’t be too painful. What’s more I’m supposed to talk about my experience on the retreat so I think it is especially important for me to recount my successes and blunders this week. It’s going to be interesting.

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  1. Love it and good luck! Do you happen to know what red was?